• Hypnotical Hydro Research #2

    We published new songs as a report of our studies. These songs almost made by a second hand Nord Lead that my wife bought this year.


  • Pollen, our soundcloud is updated

    We uploaded new song on SoundCloud. It's titled 'Pollen'. We plan to submit other versions on Bandcamp and other platforms. Please wait for us!



  • Arrepentimiento: the First Meeting Live show

    It is a genealogy of Velvet Underground, muddy alternative folk music that takes over the spirituality of Child of Microtones and Sound@One. Arrepentimiento is a new group of types that make it progressive. On this day, which will be the first performance, we will create some nursery that can be seen with extremely awakened eyes in the final session.

    Velvet Undergroundの支流に位置し、Child of MicrotonesやSound@Oneの精神性をズブズブに引き継ぐオルタナティブ・フォーク・ミュージックの泥濘。その漸進性を以って祝祭と為すタイプのグループ=Arrepentimientoが秘かに誕生しました。初のパフォーマンスとなるこの日は、会場の数カ所で行われるゲリラ〜突発的なセッションを録音、それらの記録を再生しながら行う最終セッションにて「新しい都市」の誕生に周回遅れのJohn Cage的な彩りを添えます。各々楽器を持参の上、突発的な参加も歓迎。

  • The Depth of Meanings

    We announced the song "The Depth of Meanings" on Bandcamp. As my practice of Home Taping, I mixed a collage of plucked guitars while shaking by a hammock at home, studies with synths patched at my own PC, cut and paste as a result of hitting a drum that can not beat tightly, and a wacky vocal mix It is. It's also delivered on Apple Music or Spotify

    「意味の深度」という楽曲をBandcampで発表しました。僕なりのHome Tapingの実践として、自宅でハンモックに揺られながら爪弾いたギターのコラージュ、PCでパッチングしたシンセによる習作、叩けないドラムをどつんどつんと叩いた結果の切り貼り、つたないボーカルなどがミックスされています。Apple MusicSpotifyでも配信中

  • Soundcloud

    For more than a year ago, I have added home taping records. A playlist of Home Taping by such moment composing is being released to Soundcloud.

    かれこれ一年以上前から、Home Tapingの記録を付けています。Soundcloudに、そうした瞬間作曲によるHome Tapingのプレイリストを公開中です。よくわかんねえけど、面白いと思うよ

  • Introduce ourselves

    In the burnt red-black sky, the gospel resonates in capital HELVETICA. At the beach where the sadness ended, preparations for a new party begin. Buildings of sound constructed in fictitious dimensions are now irradiated to the body from completely different angles. A melody is born like breathing, and the rhythm dies as if to breathe out. Let's say goodbye to old-fashioned magic. At the entrance of the mellow cavity era.

    焦げた赤黒い空に、大文字のヘルベチカで鳴り響く福音。 悲しみの終わった浜にて、新しい宴の準備が始まる。 架空の次元で構築された音の建造物が、今まさに全く別の角度から肉体に照射された。 息を吸うようにメロディが生まれ、息を吐くようにリズムが死んでいく。 古ぼけた魔術にさよならを告げよう。芳醇な空洞時代の入り口にて。