Birth of Significance

We build the modern folk songs by home-recording. The miscellaneous members give them special bodies by the experimental methods that ignore any contexts and add strange atmosphere. Between confusion and silence.

  1. Resonance

  2. Birds on the Moon

  3. One Day of the Optimist

  4. It Follows

  5. Sequence is Ready

  6. Pollen


Streaming available in 2020/11/30
on Bandcamp / Spotify / Apple Music and Other Platforms

Cassette Tape on sale in 2020/11/15

Official Video

Birds on the Moon (Official Video)



  • mcatm: spanish guitar, ableton live, voice, drums, bass, some electronics and tape, op-1 and macbook air

  • myanger: electronics, ipad and tape

  • ij: grand piano and flute

  • compuedit: keys

  • Asami Lamdivsk (Nurie Orchestra): remix on M-5 (Subscription ver. only)